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A Bookmark for Astoria, Oregon

Before Yosemite in May, this season

Bartow-NotFriends-UO2015kicked off on April 17. Five hundred people were with Rick Bartow
during his opening reception at the University of Oregon Art Museum
in Eugene. The celebration was a good pairing for his perfectly titled exhibit, Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain. This was a must do, and I did. Being in Oregon for 45 years, this gathering was a gift.

Astoria Artists Annual Open Studio Tour: July 25-26

AstoriaStudio-WisdomOnRiverHere’s global history, our Astoria where Jefferson gave the nod to Astor a few years after Lewis and Clark. No disappointment at the awesome confluence of the Pacific and Columbia water. Creativity lives and mingles in community. Friendly, enthused visual artists greet.Astoria-Studio-corner Need relief from urban pretense? Astoria aroma, people, and waterfront seem far from the boring chase of the momentary. Astoria public radio stations are excellent. AstoriaStudio-Noel-upstairsGo next summer. Between now and then get and read from you library or independent bookseller: Astoria by Peter Stark.


Just put on your Sailin Shoes.



Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain
a 17th Century Inuit Poem
Song by a Woman
Long will be my journey
on the earth.
It seems as if
I’ll never get beyond
the footprints that I make  . . .

Posting next month: September studies and visits with Sarkis Antikajian and Earl Newman