Autumn Journey 1: Unbroken Circle

Notable silkscreen printer Earl Newman moved to Oregon around the time I did. Our journeys were within a West Coast diaspora, fleeing the Golden State in the early 1970s. Over 40 years later, we caught up with each other in September at his country home.
On The Wall  My first place was near the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. Setting the scene in the living room was an emblematic SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee)
poster by Earl Newman. Reed-walk-up-LB-1967-to-Newman-SNCCReed-place-LB-1967-Newman-SNCCA young Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jackson Browne walked up those steps for dinner and music above a garage. Google now shows that address with barred doors and windows, greenery gone to concrete.
SoCal Business  In the late 1960s I was part of a successful business in Long Beach. Tour buses stopped at our large mercantile. Earl Newman prints sold there. A buying trip to Venice meant savoring boho spirit and his distinctive, creative expertise in his productive canal studio.
Connecting  Five years ago I found Earl at his print booth during one of my rare Oregon Country Fair visits. We shared our past and exodus from southern California decades ago. Earl-Newman-print-studio-entrance-Sept2015My 2014 online order of Newman prints arrived with his kind note. A year later, I took him up on an invitation to visit. I found my way through the Oregon backwoods to his home studio where he’s been for 43 years. The trip seemed an abiding pursuit and unbroken circle of community.

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