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Autumn Journey 3: Back to Lane County & Newport, OR

Print artist Earl Newman’s renown doesn’t dim his welcoming kindness. Our adios was exchanged as I drove from his Oregon country place. With his good wishes my autumn journey continued to what was next: painting study with Sarkis Antikajian in Lane County. During this workshop another student mentioned Newman. Awhile ago at the Corvallis Art Center he’d spoken with Earl’s about his tree landscape paintings.

Country Life  Since 2009, I’d sometimes studied with artist Sarkis Antikajian. In September it was outside at his rural home. Cold mornings, gracious afternoon lunch breaks followed by paint exercises in still life, landscape, and figure filled the three days. Some lessons to live by were taken away:
– build stamina to paint continuously in less than ideal weather
(on the third cold morning Sarkis finally donned a sweatshirt)
– develop ease and keep loose by painting loosely and loving color
– paintings are not precious objects but evidence of necessary experience,
a way of being amidst a bounty of colorful work housed in his studio
Sarkis-in-Studio-with-Work   SarkisMorningStillLife   SarkisKaren-in-Studio-with-Paintings
Weaving West  On my meandering drive through the Oregon Coast Range to Newport, Levon Helm’s Dirt Farmer played nonstop. Autumn woods surrounded Highway 20. Last in Newport 19 years ago while on a nearby Beverly Beach camping trip, two places called me now.

NewportVisualArtsCenter   Newport-Ctr-Visual-Arts-Newman-exhibit   NewportVAC-Newman-exhibit
First was the October retrospective show, All That Jazz, at the Visual Arts Center celebrating Earl Newman’s 50 years of creating Monterey Jazz Festival posters (also in the Smithsonian). The scope of his work reminded me of the mark his distinctive prints have left on our era and place.

During the evening I recalled being in other spaces with native son Rick Bartow. First it was in the last 1980s at the bygone Jamison Gallery in Portland.Newport-CafeMundo-Rick-Bartow&Barbara This year’s UO Art Museum opening reception for Bartow’s retrospective exhibit, Things You Know But Cannot Explain, was another memorable time. Now on this trip, it was at Newport’s Cafe Mundo, a community spot where I’d not been and where Rick Bartow and the Backseat Drivers are the house band. Catching a couple sets of rich lyrics, fine voices, and great music from Bartow playing with Barbara Turrill was pure contentment. The meaning of community was realized, alive and in action all along my trip.

Autumn Journey 2: On The Road

Over an afternoon repast, artist Earl Newman and I swapped tales of our times in 1960s southern California. Arriving from the northeast, he lived with his family in their car, camped around the Bay Area and found temporary housing in Berkeley. He was a street painter and created portable roll-up murals for the hip buyer’s “pad.” When another painter needed to get work to a southern California gallery, Earl did the driving. He soon set up his family, print studio, and gallery in Venice during the jazzy beat era of Pacific Coast hipness. He continues using the same silkscreen setup from his earlier Venice studio.
Earl Newman prints illustrate our times. He shared some clues to his success:
– be at the right place at the right time and say “yes”
– weigh things to make sure not to do something regrettable
– take courage
– when your work is rejected, heed the personal one-on-one opinion then move on to another opinion
A view from Newman was included in the Oregon Coast Council for the Arts website’s event description for his October show, All That Jazz, “. . . the older I get I realize I have a companion in my art interest that’s not going to leave me.”
Earl-Newman-BentonCo-lunch-Sept2015    Earl-Newman-studio-poster-stored-Sept2015    Earl's-print-squeegee-table-in-studio-Sept2015
Before leaving his country home, Earl’s acrylic paintings caught my eye; some were distinctive tree landscapes. I soon departed to Lane County through forest and valley for more study in oil painting. How satisfying knowing what he said to me, “we’re still on the road.”

Autumn Journey 1: Unbroken Circle

Notable silkscreen printer Earl Newman moved to Oregon around the time I did. Our journeys were within a West Coast diaspora, fleeing the Golden State in the early 1970s. Over 40 years later, we caught up with each other in September at his country home.
On The Wall  My first place was near the Pacific in Long Beach, CA. Setting the scene in the living room was an emblematic SNCC (Student Nonviolent Coordinating Committee)
poster by Earl Newman. Reed-walk-up-LB-1967-to-Newman-SNCCReed-place-LB-1967-Newman-SNCCA young Nitty Gritty Dirt Band with Jackson Browne walked up those steps for dinner and music above a garage. Google now shows that address with barred doors and windows, greenery gone to concrete.
SoCal Business  In the late 1960s I was part of a successful business in Long Beach. Tour buses stopped at our large mercantile. Earl Newman prints sold there. A buying trip to Venice meant savoring boho spirit and his distinctive, creative expertise in his productive canal studio.
Connecting  Five years ago I found Earl at his print booth during one of my rare Oregon Country Fair visits. We shared our past and exodus from southern California decades ago. Earl-Newman-print-studio-entrance-Sept2015My 2014 online order of Newman prints arrived with his kind note. A year later, I took him up on an invitation to visit. I found my way through the Oregon backwoods to his home studio where he’s been for 43 years. The trip seemed an abiding pursuit and unbroken circle of community.

Keep Summer Mellow in Eugene, Oregon

EugeneFest-stage2bandEugeneFest-tiedyeboothNo more Eugene Celebration. Not much to celebrate when chain link fences go up. Things change in 30 years. The groovy Parade with Congressman Peter DeFazio and those bed races of yore will be missed. This year on a hot smoky late August weekend, the Festival of Eugene made a good three-day showing in Skinner’s Butte Park. Performance stages and community vendors spread out on the green as did a car show with awards presented. DJing was from KRVM’s Jiving Johnny Etheredge, a master of mixing smart, soulful sounds for any generation (as do The Baby Boomer and Cookie Parker on Portland’s KMHD-FM 89.1). Bookmark strolling the Festival of Eugene.EugeneFest-stagedance-w-swordsEugenFestRetroGalsCarShowAwardsEugeneFestRetroGalsCarShowWin

Do you want excellent public radio? KRVM 91.9FM is the oldest public radio station in Oregon and one of only a few stations providing broadcast training to students. Stream, contribute to, join, and dig it.
EugeneFest-FacePaint-a-Princess    EugeneFest-JivingJohnnyCarShowDJ
Festival of EugeneJiving Johnny EtheredgeKRVM 91.9FM

A Bookmark for Astoria, Oregon

Before Yosemite in May, this season

Bartow-NotFriends-UO2015kicked off on April 17. Five hundred people were with Rick Bartow
during his opening reception at the University of Oregon Art Museum
in Eugene. The celebration was a good pairing for his perfectly titled exhibit, Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain. This was a must do, and I did. Being in Oregon for 45 years, this gathering was a gift.

Astoria Artists Annual Open Studio Tour: July 25-26

AstoriaStudio-WisdomOnRiverHere’s global history, our Astoria where Jefferson gave the nod to Astor a few years after Lewis and Clark. No disappointment at the awesome confluence of the Pacific and Columbia water. Creativity lives and mingles in community. Friendly, enthused visual artists greet.Astoria-Studio-corner Need relief from urban pretense? Astoria aroma, people, and waterfront seem far from the boring chase of the momentary. Astoria public radio stations are excellent. AstoriaStudio-Noel-upstairsGo next summer. Between now and then get and read from you library or independent bookseller: Astoria by Peter Stark.


Just put on your Sailin Shoes.



Rick Bartow: Things You Know But Cannot Explain
a 17th Century Inuit Poem
Song by a Woman
Long will be my journey
on the earth.
It seems as if
I’ll never get beyond
the footprints that I make  . . .

Posting next month: September studies and visits with Sarkis Antikajian and Earl Newman

In The Pearl: Paintings at Urbaca

1-Urbaca-desk-entry-Reedwork-June2015Some of my paintings were recently in salon.
Urbaca, a favorite Portland salon,
displayed my work in June and July.

A bonus is neighboring Pearl Bakery,
creators of multigrain bread and molasses
cookies extraordinaire.

Head to NW 9th Avenue between Couch
and Davis Streets, a block east of Powell’s
City of Books.

Urbaca is open Tuesday thru Saturday. Make it a day for experiencing superb hair and skin care.



5-Urbaca-wall-of-cups-east-ReedworkJune2015 4-Urbaca-wall-of-cups-south-ReedworkJune2015 3-Urbaca-walls-ReedworkJune2015





Impressions from Where: a story

Returned to the homeland’s Yosemite granite to find paths of Ansel Adams. Over five decades disappeared since being there. Heard en route from Oregon were stories near and across the border. Hearsay along the way: foreign interests of the Pacific Rim are commercially scaled pot growers up north and others are buying up wine country. Ambiance of an earlier time is disappearing. Driving south, KCHO-FM out of Chico aired a Radio Lab’s story, The Montreal Screwjob, about the fiction of pro wrestling. The audio told of our need to search for and find the “authentic moment” as epitomized in the spectacle of pro wrestling. The 17th century novel Don Quixote was described to be about our desire for balancing between reality and fantasy. Listen, whether in or out of a car:

Off the freeway for a gas station stop, street-worn young men approached our car asking for its gas. They offered to get us the bathroom key, others loitered at cars nearby. We high-tailed eastbound on Hwy 108. Adios meth heads. Continuing through Oakdale, traffic stopped and sirens wailed for an overturned Harley and motionless rider on the asphalt, people hovered over him. On down the road a tidy farm store was our pitstop at last. A petite elder lady wearing a crucifix greeted us with fruit smoothy samples. We bought nuts. East in Groveland, lunch with cider was in California’s oldest saloon, the Iron Door, built in 1852.

Rare snow fell in the high country a week before we arrived. Water flowed for our visit, and likely won’t this summer. Western drought persists. About our decreasing vital resource, listen to Oregon Public Broadcasting interview with professor Aaron Wolf:


Yosemite-w-c-Merced-River-at-Happy-Isles-051315-1Time at The Ahwanhee was a must before and after hiking Mirror Lake, Vernal Falls, off trail along the Merced River, and meditating at Happy Isles. The architect who designed The Ahwanhee, Gilbert Stanley Underwood, later designed Oregon’s great Timberline Lodge.

Into the Park everyday, one morning was fueled by Jimi Hendrix. His sound matched the scale of the landscape, all windows down. Smooth cruise into tunnels and out the other side into ancient granite grandeur on this 150 year of Yosemite National Park. My experienced travel partner and “possibilatarian” described our journey as “epic”. At 6,000 ft elevation, just kiss the sky.

I always found in myself a dread of west and a love of east . . .
It may be that the birth and death of the day had some part in my feeling . . .
— John Steinbeck, EAST OF EDEN

FreeBirdprofile-MirrorLake-HalfDome   PacificDogwood-blooming-May2015   LupineHappyIslesYosemiteMay2015

Sketches and photos, CReed

Look for more this summer.


Around the Village: Summer in the City

Update: Opening postponed by City. Something blue is happening in southwest Portland, Oregon. Yves Edmond Le Meitour is developing at SW 35th Ave and Multnomah Blvd. The busy blue corner is easily spotted with its produce stand and food carts. BlueOrangeSWMultnomahBlvd35thOct2014More vendors are inside the building within its blended Northwest and French Quarter style. Talking with Meitour after he recently relocated from his gallery on SW Capitol Hwy in the Village, he describes making a space about the community, one where it can cluster. Check out the Multnomah Village French Quarter corner.

Autumn 2014 blue corner from my sketch journal